About Mona

I’m a solitary human in a world of solitary humans. Like you, I’m on my own unique journey. I’ve met many travelers along the way. Some have become family, some friends, some co-workers, some Facebook acquaintances, some enemies and some remain strangers for now. Each connection I have formed with another person has altered my journey and my perspective in a small or significant way, and for that I am grateful. In our moments of coming together, we’ve shared meals and words, thoughts and feelings. In our moments of solitude, I’ve reflected on what I’ve heard, what I’ve said, and what I’ve understood. This blog is an attempt to capture these memorable, insightful and vulnerable conversations. In a way, this is my conversation with you. And through me, my fellow travelers’ conversation with you. We’d love to hear from you.

Some factoids you expect to see on any self-respecting “About Me”

  • I’m a woman and it’s taken a long time to find my true voice
  • I’m as young or as old as I feel – sometimes that’s 6 and other times it’s 106
  • I love work and life and can’t tell the difference between the two
  • I’m an economic immigrant and a social nomad
  • I love cats and dogs and don’t believe I should have to choose
  • I’m always convicted about my point of view but reserve the right change my mind whenever I feel it’s time to do so
  • I believe in purpose. I don’t feel the need to give it a name
  • I’m highly logical and highly emotional. That makes for a fun inner dialogue

These are probably not verifiable facts and reflect my general aversion to objective reality. I suppose you’ll just have to read on.

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